The Love Pack

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This limited time pack deal includes the following supplements:

Dim 259
Beet Vitality
Power & Speed
Testro Genesis Cream
Testro Vida Capsules


Custom Love Pack Instructions

DIM 259 

Men take 3 capsules 2-24 hours prior to intimacy to assist with delaying ejaculation. Many users report being able to go from lasting minutes, to hours…

Women take 1 capsule daily to help decrease stubborn belly fat and feel sexier.

Beet Vitality

Men take 2 scoops daily to support circulation, size, and fullness.

Women take 1 scoop daily to support circulation and improve sensitivity.

Power & Speed

Men take 1 capsule if you need a super blast of energy to go all night.

Women, ensure your man takes 1 capsule if you would prefer him to stay up and chat with you after an epic night.

Testro Genesis Cream

Men use 3 pumps applied to thin skin areas like tops of the feet, 2-8 hours prior to intimacy for a boost to virility, desire, and pleasure.

Women use 1 pump on cellulite trouble zones per day and notice amazing results.

Testro Vida Capsules

Men take 4 capsules 2-12 hours prior to intimacy for yet another amazing boost to virility, desire, and pleasure.

Women take 1 capsule 2-12 hours prior to intimacy for improved sensitivity and desire.


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