The Reprogramming Technique

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Here is how to perform the Neuro Reprogramming technique.

What we would like you to do, is read, listen to, or speak out-loud, a specifically designed affirmation of your goal at least once per day. This affirmation process should be about 10 minutes long.

The way we design the goal affirmation is a kind of meditation, but the most important thing you can do, is to do it in a way you fully accept. What we mean by that is, let’s say we tell you to listen to an audio MP3 of Dr. Delgado’s voice and you don’t like his voice. You don’t like his style of wording, that’s okay. Perhaps for you it is best to record your own voice with your own wording. The main goal is to get you in a meditative state with as little conscious rejection of the words as possible. Some people prefer to read written words, as they find it easier to focus on the information that way. Others even prefer to say it out-loud as they find feeling themselves saying the words is the best way to help them receive the message.

Whatever you need to do is fine. The point is to reduce conscious rejection as much as possible to have the most effective impact on the synaptic changes.

Here is a recording Dr. Delgado uses to help with healthy choices. In this example Dr. Delgado uses a guided meditation technique that has a countdown which is designed to trigger relaxation and acceptance.

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If you wish to utilize the example MP3, that is excellent! However if you wish to make your own affirmations, here are some important concepts to remember:

[/vc_column_text][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”1″ title=”Be sure if you read, listen, or speak the affirmation, it is at least 10 minutes long.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]You can spend up to 45 minutes per day in this state, with 10 minutes as the effective minimum. Any longer than 45 minutes shows abrupt diminishing returns in many studies.[/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”2″ title=”Ensure your goals are clear and easily received.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]If you don’t clearly set your target, and understand easily, then the neurological pathways won’t be as pronounced. Clear, simple, and well received is the idea.[/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”3″ title=”Make sure you do not trigger your critical thinking.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]Every time you critique what is being said, that thought draws mental resources, including pathway building, away from the goal. You want to make sure that you feel safe, comfortable, and tuned in to what you are affirming and how you are affirming it for maximum effectiveness.[/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”55″][/vc_column][/vc_row]