About The Science of Neural Reprogramming

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Dr. Delgado feels Neuro Reprogramming is one of the most important steps to weight loss.

Watch the video below to hear his personal experience that has helped him stay fit for 40 years.

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Habits developed over a lifetime actually wire themselves into your brain’s circuitry. Forming new neural pathways is the only way to retrain the tendency. You can fight it for a while without rewiring, but it’s a tiring process that tends to fail after a small period of time. Surprisingly, thought and language is an invaluable asset in rewiring this architecture.

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Your brain is full of synaptic bridges. Every impulse and tendency you have is connected across a vast network, which was formed from your thoughts and experiences. The more you think or experience what formed these pathways, the more they are used, the stronger they become and the more likely your electrical impulses travel down those pathways. Neuro Reprogramming is about using consistent language to build new synaptic bridges and allow the old ones to decay and results in a change of habitual behavior. Language is our tool of choice because it’s effect is stronger than environmental factors and you can control language easier than you can control your environment.

[/vc_column_text][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_section_title style=”3″ title=”Critical|Points” position=”center” el_class=”grover”][taalem_empty_space height=”55″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”1″ title=”Your behavior is hardwired via neural pathways.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]Everything you do, say, think, and experience, reinforces these pathways and your brain’s electrical activity will tend to travel down the strongest pathways.[/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”2″ title=”Your brain prioritizes maintenance.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]Underutilized pathways will receive a lower maintenance priority than higher utilized pathways. This means that undesirable behavioral tendencies can reduce overtime. [/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”3″ title=”Language is the best tool to affect these pathways.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]Words you speak, think, or hear, have a stronger impact than sensations or other environmental factors.[/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”32″][taalem_icon_box icon_type=”number” number=”4″ title=”Neuro Reprogramming is about using language to change your behavior.” title_tag=”h3″ el_class=”nova”]This is a process that happens overtime. On average it takes about 60 days to reprogram the subconscious mind’s behavioral tendencies.[/taalem_icon_box][taalem_empty_space height=”55″][vc_column_text]

If you have any more questions about the science of Neural Reprogramming, feel free to use our forums or call us directly. In the next section we will teach you the technique that Dr. Delgado has used for 40 years to keep his mind focused on fitness.

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